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Rare Books: The New Vinyl?

The digital world has taken over our lives and replaced some of our culture, both musically and in the realm of the written word. This initially was considered to be an amazing accomplishment, as music and book lovers could go portable with all of their tunes and words in one small device. MP3s never get scratches or skip, nor do Kindle book pages brown with age. That’s fantastic, right? Practically indestructible entertainment!


Well, not everyone likes perfection. Flaws give cherished items personality and identity. We personally like a little snap, crackle and pop when listening to jazz and blues. It adds to the history and depth of the sound. Events such as Record Store Day that take place in smaller record stores have been strongly supported by music artists themselves which has added to the popularity of vinyl records. Some artists release tracks on vinyl to help out indie labels and stores as a means of appreciation and support for small businesses and fans.


This is how many feel with regard to books as well. Although some large chain stores such as Borders have closed their doors, Amazon and Kindles still rule the book world, which has a negative impact on smaller book stores as expected. However, some collectors are predicting that rare books are making a comeback, just as vinyl LP records did. There is also an emergence of antiquarian book fairs all over the country. Do you feel as though rare books will become the “New Vinyl”?

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One comment on “Rare Books: The New Vinyl?

  1. Michael
    April 26, 2013

    I certainly hope so. As a youngster I was in love with book, and still am the voracious reader I was. Music was/is a close second, and I had a great used record shop years ago. So, I say up with both rare books and vinyl! Glad to see that book fairs are again proliferating.

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